Jimbour Station

Jimbour Station will play host to the inaugural Big Skies event. Located 30 kilometres from Dalby, Jimbour Station is the home to one of the nation’s most gracious historical homes – Jimbour – built in 1876.

Jimbour is a heritage listed homestead on one of the earliest stations established on the Darling Downs.

The property was first claimed by Henry Dennis on behalf of a Scotsman called Todd Scougall in 1842. In 1844, the property was purchased by Thomas Bell for an amount of 3,200 pounds.

In 1844, explorer Ludwig Leichardt stayed at Jimbour, whilst preparing for his trip to Port Essington.

In 1873, Brisbane based architects Richard Suter and Annesley Wesley Voysey, were commissioned to design a new sandstone house as the main residence at Jimbour. Today, the main homestead of Jimbour, proudly stands as a pillar of the region’s rich history and past traditions.


Some interesting facts about Jimbour House:

  • – Construction of house commenced in 1875 and finished two year later in 1877.
  • – The cost to build the house was 30,000 pounds.
  • – 10 Stonemasons, 9 Carpenters and sufficient labourers were employed to assist with the construction as well as 200 men employed in the quarrying, carting and handing of raw materials required to construct the house.
  • – Cedar and other timbers used in the building were obtained from the Bunya Mountains. The stone and sand were procured from Bunjinnie about 6 miles away from Jimbour House.
  • – The lime was burnt from limestone on the property and slates for the roof were imported from Ireland.
  • – The house was designed with 24 rooms, the total floor area is 23,000 square feet.
  • – Jimbour house was modern in its day with gas and water supplied.


Today, this magnificent heritage listed homestead remains a private residence of the Russell family, with its interior open only for special events.

The Russell family welcome you to Jimbour Station and are excited to allow you to experience the grandeur of this location as like never before.  


In 2017, the Jimbour Station amphitheatre hosted the iconic “Opera at Jimbour”.  Day on the Plain will be held in the same location. Where else in the world are you able to experience a rock concert, beneath the grandeur and beauty of such a magnificent home.